Best Courses For Stock Trading

Over the years, the Indian stock markets have attracted millions of individuals in all eligible age groups. Stock market investing serves as a different source of generating additional income, particularly for millennials. However, the stock market is as much about the potential for losses as it is about making money.

How do some traders and investors consistently make money in the stock market despite the risk involved is a question that the majority of people who are new to the stock markets frequently ask. The answer is by having a solid knowledge base and continuously learning about the stock markets.

How to learn about stock markets?

Numerous stock market training programmes are available in India through some of the best government-backed organisations and institutions. Take a good stock trading course if you’re new to the stock market and want to learn more about trading and investing.

Top stock market training courses in India

Here is a list of the top institute in India along with the stock market training programmes they provide:

NSE academy

This academy was created to provide fundamental financial education and knowledge to newbie investors who are just beginning their stock market journey. The academy provides certification for those who want to improve their career profiles along with a variety of courses aimed at imparting financial knowledge to learners.

These are the certification programmes that NSE Academy offers:

  • NSE academy certification in financial markets – NCFM
  • NCFM foundation, intermediate, and advanced courses
  • Certified market professional – NCMP
  • Proficiency certificate

The NCFM course is one of the most popular ones among the ones mentioned above. The curriculum’s practical knowledge and online testing for the abilities needed to work in the financial markets are provided.

Along with improving stock market knowledge, NSE academy courses can help people who want to create a strong resume for a career in finance.

BSE academy

For stock market investors who want to sharpen their market expertise, BSE academy also offers a variety of courses.

The following are a few of the certificate programmes the academy offers:

  • Risk management
  • Technical analysis
  • Stock market
  • Bond market
  • Investment banking
  • Equity research

One Percent Academy by Fisdom

For those looking to improve their technical analysis abilities for stock market trading and investing, this is the ideal platform. One Percent Academy foundation programme is taught by highly qualified business professionals in live classes over the course of a 4-week course. A beginner can gain from this course because it takes a practical approach and covers topics like risk management and market trends. The One Percent Academy’s foundation programme has the following key characteristics:

  • The course lasts for 4 weeks and includes 6 hours of expert master classes and mentor-led question-answer sessions.
  • Additionally, the course gives students six months of community access to learn from other students and professionals.
  • Simple market trend identification and different entry-exit levels
  • By utilising technical tools and indicators, you can comprehend various trading strategies.
  • Understanding of swing and intraday trading
  • Risk management strategies
  • Comprehensive knowledge of candlestick patterns
  • Technical indicator charting
  • BSE issue a training certificate at the end of the program.

Nifty Trading Academy

Investors in the stock market who want to learn about and experience live market sessions can benefit from the courses provided by Nifty Trading Academy. The main focus of the courses is technical analysis, which are created for in-depth learning.

Some of the available courses are:

  • Diploma in Technical Analysis course
  • Stock market beginners’ course
  • Intraday trading course
  • Advanced technical analysis
  • Software-based Pure profit course for traders

The following are some of the features provided by the courses:

  • Unique course structures
  • Easy teaching patterns
  • Designed to enhance a learner’s career
  • Helps in building a strong knowledge base on the markets
  • Enables learners to begin trading independently

NIFM – National Institute of Financial Markets

The Ministry of Finance founded this institution in 1993. A variety of stock market courses are available online, along with exams for certification.

Some of the courses offered are:

  • Post-graduate diploma in financial management
  • Post-graduate diploma in research analysis
  • Fellow programme in Management – FPM
  • NIFM certified technical analyst
  • NIFM certified smart investor
  • NIFM certified preparation module

Conceptual understanding rather than practical stock market knowledge is the main focus of NIFM courses. Although these courses can consume a lot of a learner’s time, But its worthy of that.

National Institute of Securities Market Certifications – NISM

This institute, which was established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), publishes the best techniques, information, and training regarding the financial markets. To accommodate the most test takers, the institute has many centres across the country.

The NISM offers a variety of courses, such as:

  • Currency derivatives certification exam
  • Registrar and transfer agents certificate exam for corporate and mutual funds
  • Securities intermediaries compliance exam
  • Issuers compliance certificate exam
  • Interest rate derivatives certificate exam


People interested in the stock markets can be sure that the courses offered are of high quality and that the certifications they receive are valid because the government fully supports the institutes and programmes mentioned here.

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