Upcoming Ipos In India

Upcoming Ipos In India

Issuer CompanyExchangeOpenCloseLot SizeIssue Price (Rs)Issue Size (Rs Cr)
Harsha Engineers International Ltd IPONSE BSESep 14, 2022Sep 16, 202245314 – 330755.00
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited IPONSE BSESep 05, 2022Sep 07, 202228
500 – 525
Dreamfolks Services Limited IPO NSE BSEAug 24, 2022Aug 26, 2022
Syrma SGS Technology Ltd IPONSE BSEAug 12, 2022Aug 18, 202268220840.00
Aether Industries Limited IPONSE BSEMay 24, 2022May 26, 202223642808.04
eMudhra Limited IPONSE BSEMay 20, 2022May 24, 202258256412.79

The first time a privately held company sells shares to the public is through an initial public offering (IPO). Companies that go public raise money through IPOs for a variety of purposes, including working capital, debt repayment, acquisitions, and a host of others.

By completing an online IPO application provided by stockbrokers and banks, the investor can apply for initial public offering (IPO) stocks in India. Online IPO applications for UPI-based offerings are available from brokers, and banks provide both UPI and ASBA IPO applications.

How to Track Upcoming IPOs in 2022?

Upcoming IPOs can be followed via stockbrokers. The majority of stockbrokers in today’s market have websites where they regularly post updates on the newest IPOs that are expected to go public. You can gather all the necessary details about the new IPOs and get ready accordingly.

You receive an IPO calendar with all the necessary information about the IPOs, such as their issue size, price range, anticipated subscription date, etc. If you use your broker’s trading app, there is a special section on IPOs where you can find details about current and upcoming IPOs.

How to Apply for IPO?

There are several methods for IPO applications. If you want to submit an online IPO application through your broker’s official app:

  • Use your login information to access the app.
  • Choose the IPO you want to apply for by finding the IPO tab.
  • Put the lot size and the number of stocks you want to bid on into the field provided.
  • After entering your UPI ID, click the submit button. For the stock exchange to accept your bid, you must approve the transaction on your UPI app.
  • Save the money until the IPO allotment date by waiting for the mandate notification.

An IPO application can also be made offline. To submit your IPO application, go to your stockbroker’s nearest location. Fill out an ASBA application and provide the required KYC information before your funds are blocked. That after the allocation of shares, the amount will be debited. However, the application process is simpler and more practical when done online.

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