Neostox Virtual Trading App – Features, Login,Review,FAQs

We currently have a new virtual trading platform (Neostox App). This is India’s first real-time trading platform. Subscribers can trade in the NSE live market using virtual funds. Here, subscribers can virtually trade with no money in the account. So new traders who want to trade and invest in the stock market can now practise and improve their skills without spending any money. Even a skilled trader can use the new strategy and observe its results in a live market.

You can trade without using real money with Neostox’s dedicated app for virtual trading, which is a 100% free virtual trading app. Neostox Fintech created to support traders. It serves as their bestselling item. To create and conceptualise this product, seasoned traders with over 15 years of trading experience collaborated. To make this a real-time, quick, and truly professional platform, research analysts also worked together.

Neostox has therefore primarily targeted traders who are new to the market or who want to test their strategies on the live market without risking any money. You can examine index price changes, F&O data, and changes in equity prices in the real-time market here. As a result, following analysis, you are free to take a position, monitor it, and exit whenever you like. Your dashboard will display your total profit and loss.

Features of Neostox – App for Virtual Trading, Trade with virtual Money

Excellent features are available to Neostox subscribers. As a result, customers find it to be very user-friendly. Let’s talk about the features.

  • It is made in such a way that you can get a clear understanding of what is going on in the market. Making wise decisions while conducting a trade is also helpful.
  • All common market elements, such as stocks, futures, and options, can be traded virtually using buy-sell orders without using real money.
  • The market’s data feed is updated in real-time.
  • Each second data get updated.
  • A subscriber has access to his trade’s live profit and loss. He can also explore which trades hit their stop loss and which are still open.
  • This virtual trading app offers the option of auto trading according to the pre-set limit. You can fix the trade wait time as well as the entry limit by percentage. So, if you want to wait for 25 minutes and set an entry below 1% of the CMP, you can do so. If the order could not be filled by the deadline, it will be automatically cancelled.

Options trade in Neostox

You can access AI-based options trade through Neostox. You can scan and pick the best options for you with the aid of the AI-based trader.

Find the options of your choice, then add them to your watchlist. Clicking a button allows you to view charts and start a buy/sell trade. If you don’t know the exact name of the instrument, an intelligent search engine can help you find it more quickly.

Neostox FAQs

Does Neostox provide virtual money?

Yes, the user can use virtual money.

How does Neostox live trading platform works?

Since it is a virtual trading app, you can trade in the live market without using real money. However, the trading platform continues to be in contact with the active market and uses the real bid-ask rate. As a result, the live market data is constantly updated to maintain data flow.

Does this app show real-time P&L statement?

Neostox enables live trading, so once you take a position, the live P&L displays automatically until you close it.

Can a trader trade virtually in F&O also?

Yes. The traders can trade reliable real-time for futures and options trading.

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