Investors of PVR and Inox lost around Rs. 800 crore due to Brahmastra.

It appears that Brahmastra is destroying investors of PVR and Inox alongside itself, rather than just recovering its investment. The biggest theatre chains in India, PVR and Inox, have collectively lost more than 800 crore in market capitalization today as early reviews have lowered expectations for Brahmastra.

Investors of PVR and Inox lost around Rs. 800 crore
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According to Indian mythology, the Brahmastra is a destructive weapon that can never be stopped and must instead be countered by the astra (weapon). Ironically, it’s possible that the movie will fall victim to the very thing it is named after.

Despite strong advance bookings totaling 23 crore, Brahmastra opened to muted reviews. Critic and analyst Taran Adarsh gave a two-star rating to the Ranbir-Alia starring film  and mentioned it as a “king-sized disappointment.”

The Hindi film industry’s hopes for a comeback may be dashed if Brahmastra fails, making it one of the biggest Bollywood explosives at a time when several South Indian films have set records across the country.

Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Tollywood actor Nagarjuna, and even Shah Rukh Khan made cameo appearances in the Karan Johar-directed movie Brahmastra, which has a budget of 410 crore rupees. This is a big list of the most powerful actors in Indian cinema.

Despite the money spent on making this movie, analysts believe it may only end up making less than half of what was put into it. According to Elara Capital, “The lifetime collection of Brahmastra is estimated to be in a wide range of 130-200 crore, based on the strong advances.” This analysis was conducted prior to the influx of negative reviews.

If Karan Johar and company wanted to replicate the magic of films like RRR on a big screen, they might have to try again. Interesting observations were also made by some viewers. After seeing the film today, one viewer remarked, “It’s basically a badly written Crime Patrol episode dialogues (sic), mixed with a very bad Ekta Kapoor plot.” Beyond the visual effects, a different viewer claimed that the film suffered from poor story-telling, poor character development, and other problems.

The movie wasn’t a disappointment to everyone. While professional reviews and social media commentary may have an impact on Brahmastra’s weekend box office numbers, the movie’s future will ultimately be determined by word of mouth and audience response.

According to Karan Taurani of Elara Capital, “We think good word of mouth and audience acceptance can help the film breach the upper end.” However, it appears that the initial group of unsatisfied viewers is disseminating the negative feedback.

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